Tuesday, March 9, 2010

yeah totally updating....sure

oh look an update! please ignore the fact that i was attempting to make this blog updated regularly. ugh, just so many things happening and i guess i lose interest in things so fucking easily. anyway!

super excited about PAX east coming up. video games and awesomeness! after that is animeboston with a table with Cursing Coffee. sweeeet !

These are from February 23rd when I went to NY to attempt an interview. didn't work out...

This is from March 8th. I forgot my phone and these are two tweets i wanted to tweet but because i was at work i couldn't access twitter.


  1. Good. Get portal 2 on Steam. Everyone will be happy :p

  2. ps: are you humping that robot?? what's wrong with you?

  3. Yeah, just heard that Steam. Kinda wanting a mac more and more...

    BTW, is you giraffe in every one of your hourlies? I think you should reveal his name now...