Saturday, April 17, 2010


no images! just a quick post and link about what comics i picked up. here we go!

Big Feet Big Friends - an adorable book myths vs facts about sasquatch! - Caroline Kelsey -

Censorship pencil - this is actually a sticker I bought with a pencil that's covered in a condom saying "it doesn't feel as good" -

StarFigheter - 18+ comic of massive guy-on-guy proportions. GORGEOUS art but inappropriate for young viewers. -HamletMachine -
My Brain Hurts (volume1) - Punk teenagers being teenagers. Gritty art, pretty cool! - Liz Baillie -

Soda Pop Comics - I got 8 teeny-comics that are all folded together instead of stabled, weird to explain, but adorably drawn! the stories were short but definitely sweet. and OMG they're from Puerto Rico! wish i bought more from them - Rosa Colon & Carla Rodriguez -

Kiki's Moleskine - 30 pages of personal illustrations. Basically she took a moleskine with her and tried to draw in it as often as possible, really cute illustrations. - Kiki Jones -

Grune #2 - Second chapter of a fantasy comic. Art is gorgeous, inking is amazing and the story is intriguing. wish there was more! - Zack Giallongo -
Whiskey Jack & Kid Coyote Meet the King of Stink - weird little comic that's exactly what the title says. really awesome inking and character design. wish i bought more! - Shawn Cheng -

Estrella & Sketchfolio 2009 - Estrella is a really cute full color comic about a star that's just trying to get back up to the sky. lovely colors and character design! not bad for something put together a week before the show. The sketchfolio is a small collection of sketches. Once again, great character design! - Laura Wilson -

Nurse Nurse #1 - pretty cool comic about nurses in space! kinda weird, but awesome concept! - Katie Shelly -

Autobiographical Comics - i bought two collections of autobiographical comics. adorable art with great stories. - Stephanie Yue -

Kiss*Kill*Love - zombie comic anthology. 'nuff said. a collection of zombie stories from different artists. pretty awesome. - Bumblebee Studio

Don't Hate, Menstruate - a 24-hour comic done about one girls trials through that 'special time' in a girls life. - Jen Vaughn -

The Fool - a preview sketchbook of a comic that hasn't come out yet! awesome art! looks like it's a weird thing where everyone is following the other until one person breaks away. i can't wait to see what the comic actually looks like. - Jon Roscetti -

Toothpaste - a short story about someone thinking about the old Bloody Mary game. simple and pretty art. - Shannon Gerard -

Station Square - do you like shounen manga? like that quick paced, awesome inking and awesome fights? well Station Square is just that! a bounty hunter gets caught up in more than he bargained for! - Eric Lide -

Winters in Lavelle - a great fantasy story about two siblings who are transported into another world and need to try to find a way home. great energetic art and an engaging story. updates online and i can't wait for more - Kasey Van Hise -

These are in no particular order and all fantastic comics! Just thought I'd share my haul and i hope that i can see more of these guys in the future!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Diary Comics (not my mocca post still)

Just some Diary comics for this mid-April. The feelings of accomplishment that i'm trying to capture I suppose. I need to keep arting though. I've been feeling a bit more happier now that I'm drawing more and my job isn't upsetting me as much, because I just keep thinking "i'll draw when i get home".

Anyway, should I use Flikr to make the images a lot bigger and easier to read or is what I'm doing ok?

Monday, April 12, 2010

One Year, One Mini for MOCCA

So this isn't the 'official' MOCCA post i wanted to make. That post is going to have more photos and links than i can think about right now. this post is about determination. about what this year is going to be about. i might not have a table at MOCCA but at the very least i'd like to have some sort comic to hand out. anyway, here it goes onto the internet!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

doodle the april

mini-update. nothing special since i can't find my PAX east scraps. hopefully i can find them soon. been reading bakuman so that's what's up with the really cute chick in the middle. enjoy.