Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anime Boston 2010

whut? where am I? oh right! i have a blog! guh! sorry for not updating, it's been such a weird couple of weeks as far as work goes. can't draw at work anymore (stupid bank) so it cuts majorly on when i can draw. plus it doesn't help that i haven't found a suitable theme for the month. sorry!

well, i just came back from PAX East today. Amazing three days of just being surrounded by nerds. Not in a bad way, but seeing Magic the Gathering nerds, with PC console nerds, next to D&D nerds, it was just really awesome to feel so completely at home. I wish i could've tried out more things, maybe learned some more about the geekier games, but i feel more comfortable i guess for next year. hopefully i'll get some diary comics going for some time in April for my experience there.

BUT now that PAX is over it's now time to get ready for AnimeBoston. Heading back to the same convention center and the same hotel that I just was at but this time selling artwork! got some new things going for the con. i've got one new print, zombie penny, 6 new buttons, pokemon and bioschok, AND I'm going to try out bookmarks! two bioshock ones as well as a bad horse chorus bookmark and the fan favorite of Captain Hammer making sure you know that the hammer is his penis.

I'll be at table M22 with the rest of Cursing Coffee Productions! Stevie and Pat!

Hope to see you there!


  1. Where is the Tangrowth Pokemon?! These others are cool, but I need me some Tangrowth!

  2. Can I get a custom Cyndaquil button that says "Go Nerd!"?