Monday, December 27, 2010

merry belated holidays!

hey guys so it's been a super long time hasn't it? sorry about that. i sorta maybe got a tumblr account that's been super easy to post to so i may have neglected here a bit. as well as the fact that work(s) had me bogged down thanks to the holiday/retail season. 60 hour work weeks are not fun kids. i'm actually surprised i didn't spiral down into a crippling depression during these past two months... hrmmm....

anyway you're here for the art, not my pseudo-LJ post. well here you go...

Obviously this is a small, quickly done, SometimesAdventures comic.

Bats are Awesome.
Getting some bat sketches down for a hopefully awesome comic idea. Progress is slow for it tho.

Just some blue pencil sketches that i thought looked kinda cool

Random pen and pencil sketches.

Inspired by Lady Gaga. Fanart for the awesome Kasey for her comic.

A little bit of Brin serving tea. Brin is from Eric's comic over at

Just a blue  pencil sketch of some sort of fighter that i really liked.

Me as a zombie holding in my intestines. One day will be colored.

Goddamit I hate the winter though i do enjoy my hat.

This pic is rather appropriate considering the snowpocalypse happening right now. 12 inches outside!

I got a new haircut, shorter and edgier, so I needed to draw myself again and again and again and....
 And that's it so far! After the retail hell season is over I'm going to work hard on updating SometimesAdventures again. I have a small unscanned backlog that needs to get going so yeah. anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR! hopefully next year will be a big more prosperous with art.

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