Monday, October 18, 2010


Finally! A post about NYCC! I don't really know what to say because the whole con was a blur! It was amazing and I really wish I'd wandered around the comic and anime art alleys more!

Friday was short since I had to work and I was only really able to see the Venture Bros panel that day.


Saturday was hectic. I'm mad at myself for only really wandering the main exhibition floor. I'll have to do another update with pics of what I bought because everyone was extremely nice even if I was somewhat of an awkward nerd at times.

One of the worst things about the Jacob Javtiz convention center is their lack of 3G and the fact that you had to pay for Wi-Fi so most of the time it was a blackhole of signal which didn't help with Sunday and trying to reach Pat for the Walking Dead Panel. BUT I'm super excited for the Walking Dead show on AMC. it's going to be FUCKING FANTASTIC.

I still have lots to read and definitely more to post but i sort of just wanted to update the blog with some sketches of NYCC that I did.

Next post should be with pictures of what I bought and the post after that will be of zombies that i've been drawing for the past couple of weeks.

Also! MangaNext is in New Jersey Halloween weekend and I'll be there with my table-husband Stevie and Pat the hat wearing guy. Not too much new will be there though I'll prolly be doing some nice cheap zombie-portrait commissions just to get into the Halloween spirit.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. The lack of 3G made it miserable to communicate in the JJC. Cool sketches. The last pic looks pretty sweet. Very different from your usual style.