Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm trying here...

I have a blog! I feel like i should be updating this thing more often. anyway, these are all just sketches, nothing finished just yet, but i know when i see other artists i love seeing sketches and their processes. anyway, here are arts so you know that i'm not totally slacking despite life issues.

Alright, so yeah, I heart Inception super hard. I've been reading fics left and right and I've finally drawn some fanart for a fic i LOVE. it's called Three Weeks. if you like Inception, read it, if not enjoy the art and let me be a fangirl.

And a Chibi Arthur...he's adorable.

More fanart. They're adorable...shut up.

These are some Disney sketches. I got one of those "learn to draw princesses" books from Disney. I had fun drawing these things, fun to see the process. Teehe.

Just some little sketches. trying some different styles and such. Loli girl was fun to draw, doing something different. Woot. And Sailormoon...
And me as a zombie. Just a a quick color and sketch.
Anyway! Thanks for looking!

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