Saturday, April 17, 2010


no images! just a quick post and link about what comics i picked up. here we go!

Big Feet Big Friends - an adorable book myths vs facts about sasquatch! - Caroline Kelsey -

Censorship pencil - this is actually a sticker I bought with a pencil that's covered in a condom saying "it doesn't feel as good" -

StarFigheter - 18+ comic of massive guy-on-guy proportions. GORGEOUS art but inappropriate for young viewers. -HamletMachine -
My Brain Hurts (volume1) - Punk teenagers being teenagers. Gritty art, pretty cool! - Liz Baillie -

Soda Pop Comics - I got 8 teeny-comics that are all folded together instead of stabled, weird to explain, but adorably drawn! the stories were short but definitely sweet. and OMG they're from Puerto Rico! wish i bought more from them - Rosa Colon & Carla Rodriguez -

Kiki's Moleskine - 30 pages of personal illustrations. Basically she took a moleskine with her and tried to draw in it as often as possible, really cute illustrations. - Kiki Jones -

Grune #2 - Second chapter of a fantasy comic. Art is gorgeous, inking is amazing and the story is intriguing. wish there was more! - Zack Giallongo -
Whiskey Jack & Kid Coyote Meet the King of Stink - weird little comic that's exactly what the title says. really awesome inking and character design. wish i bought more! - Shawn Cheng -

Estrella & Sketchfolio 2009 - Estrella is a really cute full color comic about a star that's just trying to get back up to the sky. lovely colors and character design! not bad for something put together a week before the show. The sketchfolio is a small collection of sketches. Once again, great character design! - Laura Wilson -

Nurse Nurse #1 - pretty cool comic about nurses in space! kinda weird, but awesome concept! - Katie Shelly -

Autobiographical Comics - i bought two collections of autobiographical comics. adorable art with great stories. - Stephanie Yue -

Kiss*Kill*Love - zombie comic anthology. 'nuff said. a collection of zombie stories from different artists. pretty awesome. - Bumblebee Studio

Don't Hate, Menstruate - a 24-hour comic done about one girls trials through that 'special time' in a girls life. - Jen Vaughn -

The Fool - a preview sketchbook of a comic that hasn't come out yet! awesome art! looks like it's a weird thing where everyone is following the other until one person breaks away. i can't wait to see what the comic actually looks like. - Jon Roscetti -

Toothpaste - a short story about someone thinking about the old Bloody Mary game. simple and pretty art. - Shannon Gerard -

Station Square - do you like shounen manga? like that quick paced, awesome inking and awesome fights? well Station Square is just that! a bounty hunter gets caught up in more than he bargained for! - Eric Lide -

Winters in Lavelle - a great fantasy story about two siblings who are transported into another world and need to try to find a way home. great energetic art and an engaging story. updates online and i can't wait for more - Kasey Van Hise -

These are in no particular order and all fantastic comics! Just thought I'd share my haul and i hope that i can see more of these guys in the future!

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